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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Vampire subculture

The Vampire subculture* loosely defines the set of beliefs, attitudes and social codes that characterize those who define themselves as Human Living Vampires or Vampyres.

The Vampyre subculture evolved from a combination of cultural myths, legends and the romanticized Hollywood image. Modern Vampires sometimes signify themselves by spelling vampire with a "y," which distinguishes them from Hollywood, mythological, and fictional references.

Like other system of beliefs, it consists of people who have committed themselves to an ideology, maintain ethical tenets within a hierarchical system, participate in rituals specific to their clans and in which aesthetics holds a significant, often magical place of significance within the group; aesthetic being broadly defined as symbolism, style, language, religion, art, presentation of self, appearance, and other cultural expressions.

* From a sociological perspective, when a group of people participate in a shared aesthetic in which identity and status are organized around a style that is distinguishable from the dominant culture it is referred to as a subculture.

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