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Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Vampire hunters

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Vampire hunters are professionals whose job it to clean an area from vampires that may affect it. In the ancient time, especially in Greece and Serbia, it was a recognized profession. Today, a few people still pretend to hunt vampires as Manchester from the Highgate Vampire story.

In fiction, a vampire hunter or vampire slayer is someone who specializes in finding and destroying vampires and sometimes other creatures of dark fantasy as well.

As they are people who believe they are real vampires, other considers their life as a holy crusade. In modern lore, Human Living Vampires define slayers as people who hunts, stalks, threatens, or does harm to someone because he or she is a vampire, or because the hunter believes them to be so; or which gathers information to report those who are vampires.

Conspiracy theories are popular among those hunters who believe there is a plot afoot by Vampires and by the Goth movement through out the world especially in America, Germany and some other countries.


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