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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Vampire Powers

Hollywood and hundreds of novels, comics and movies have turned the vampire into one of the most powerful creature that has ever existed on Earth. As a species, vampires are quite an extraordinary race with abilities — though basically evil in their construct — that must be admired for their efficiency, intelligence, and self-preservation. To understand vampires is to learn of their characteristics: how they appear, where they sleep, why they become one with the bat, wolf, and mist — all these peculiarities that give us a bigger picture of why vampires are the way they are.

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1 Immortality 12587
2 Invulnerability 9987
3 Superhuman strengh 10948
4 Shapeshifter 11672
5 Hypnotic mind control 14318
6 League with demons 9589
7 Command to animals 5566
8 Weather control 5428
9 Dracula's Powers 14137
10 Vampires Weaknesses 42413

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