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Saturday, March 28, 2015

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Sanguinarians - Vampires and Donors

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  1. Sanguinarians
  2. Vampires and Donors
  3. Bloodletting
  4. Where to draw?

Blood donors are people that willingly allow human living vampires to drink their blood. Within vampire society, human vampires and donors are considered equal, yet donors are expected to be subservient to the vampires.

Because of health concerns and also because of the intimacy of feeding, a great many practicing vampires find a donor who also becomes their monogamous sexual partner. Some vampires find blood-drinking to be an erotic experience, and many find that it makes them feel empathically linked to their donor, cementing bonds between vampire and donor that are emotional and spiritual in nature.

At the same time, donors are difficult to find, and because of that human vampires have no reason to abuse their donors. Getting even one donor is not always easy, even though there are people who willingly and happily offer themselves up for this role. Isolation and secrecy tend to make it difficult for many vampires to make contact with the people who would be willing to serve in this capacity.

Many of the big cities such as London, Paris, Milan, New York and Los Angeles have a well-developed vampire underground. In such cities, it is relatively easy to find the places where vampires and donors congregate.



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