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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

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Animals Vampires

Animals have been feeding from blood long before Bram Stoker introduced Count Dracula or Twilight made the scene.

These 10 amazing bloodsucking animals have managed to survive by taking blood from their own predators. They belong to different reigns (insects, mamals, ...) and evolve in different elements.

Did these species adapt to include blood in their menu or did we lose, as humans, this ability we had a long time ago?.

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# Article Title Hits
1 Vampire Bats 9941
2 Leeches 5917
3 Mosquitoes 5495
4 Ticks 5213
5 Bed Bugs 5314
6 Kissing Bugs 3233
7 Vampire Moths 3121
8 Fleas 2534
9 Louse 2683
10 Lampreys 3454

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